Demonic Crisis Aurora Textures

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✦Demonic Crisis Aurora Textures✦
Inspired by my Demonic Crisis Novabeast textures!

✦Textures for the Aurora model by Foxipaws. This includes body, eyes, both hair styles, and fluffy tail 4k PNGs. Along with body emissives, normals and metallic maps. (All colors included!)

✦!!This does NOT come with the model or accessories displayed!!


✦ You may NOT make ocs out of my textures. These are all based on my ocs, and I find it rude that you're making a character out of mine.

Not allowed to be made public. You can try my public versions in my world.

✦ Do not redistribute/resell/price split my products. Not allowed on for sale models.

✦ Editing textures is okay, but don't make it unrecognizable from my work nor claim as yours.

✦ If this is used please credit me. Be it on the avatar menu or description.

✦ You cannot use my textures for commissions, nor have someone replicate my work just to please you. This goes for avatar work and Blender renders.

✦ Leave the correct information at checkout please. I check this often and if I see "eee" or "why" I will disable your key, so please put your actual user/discord in case I need to contact you for any reason.


✦ This is a digital product. There are NO refunds, as you will already have the files and I cannot guarantee removal from your devices.

✦ Extra ✦

✦ I don't offer unity or blender help. Please keep this in mind.

✦ There are NO pre-setup materials in any of my textures.

✦ Please leave a rating after you make your purchase. It helps get the product seen amongst the masses!

✦ Aurora can be purchased here: Foxipaws

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Textures for the body, eyes, both hairs, and fluffy tail. Included with body normal maps, emissives and metallic maps. No preset up shaders.

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Demonic Crisis Aurora Textures

14 ratings
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